Volunteer in Camden and Gloucester City

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The Fall 2017 season has ended. Check back in February for the Spring 2018 planting season schedule!

General Volunteer Information

original_64ca14a98c24327f0cff4a13ce0f4784Each year, hundreds of volunteers join forces with Camden residents and the NJ Tree Foundation to dig holes, plant trees, lay mulch, and have fun at Urban Airshed Reforestation Program planting events.

All tree plantings are rain or shine. Volunteers should dress for the weather, wear sturdy shoes, and wear clothes they don’t mind getting dirty. Tools, gloves, water, and planting instructions are provided.

 Archive: Fall 2017 Photos

September 9th: Fruit Tree Farmers Tree Giveaway (Camden)
September 30th: N.6th St and Vine Streets (North Camden)
October 7th: Masjidun-Nur Islamic Center (Parkside)
October 14th: N.34th, N.35th, and Fairfax Drive (East Camden)
October 27th: TD Tree Days at Judge Robert Johnson Park

Archive: Spring 2017 Photos

4/22/17 Gloucester City Earth Day planting
5/4/17 Campbell’s Soup planting at Cooper’s Poynt
5/6/17 Cooper’s Poynt planting

Archive: Fall 2016 Photos

September 25th: Church at 803 N. 33rd Street (Cramer Hill)
October 1st: 10th Street Park and Neighbors (North Camden)
October 8th: Residents of N. 39th and Westfield Avenue (East Camden)
October 14th: TD Tree Day on Baird Boulevard in Camden (East Camden)
October 15th: Residents of the 500 block of N. 34th Street (East Camden)
October 25th: TD Tree Day at Proprietor’s Park in Gloucester City

Archive: Spring 2016 Photos

April 7th: Trees for Trails, PowerCorps at Von Neida Park
April 12th: Camden Promise Charter Day 1
April 13th: Camden Promise Charter Day 2
April 16th: Trees for Trails, Urban Promise and N. 36th Street
April 30th: Block Supporter Initiative on N. 7th Street
May 7th: Camden Fruit Tree Farmers Giveaway
May 13th: Acelero Learning Center on N. 27th Street

Archive: Fall 2015 Photos

September 19th: Northgate II Apartments 
September 29th: Reverend Evers Park
October 9th: Camden City TD Tree Day (Von Neida Park)
October 10th: N. 8th Street Residents
October 15th: Gloucester City TD Tree Day (Martin Lake Park)
October 24th: TD Green Streets East Camden
November 14th: TD Green Streets Parkside

Archive: Spring 2015 Photos

April 15th: Campbell Soup and 600 Block of Walnut Street
April 25th: Industrial Hydraulics at Broadway/Atlantic
May 2nd: Trees for Trails, North Camden (Erie Street)
May 9th: Trees for Trails, Cramer Hill (Harrison Ave)
May 13th: Home Depot Rain Garden Maintenance Day 
May 16th: Lanning Square West (S. 4th, Berkley, Beckett Streets)
May 21st: Urban Promise Academy Community Garden
May 26th: Housing Authority Community Center
Rain to Roots Enhanced Tree Pit Project

Archive: Fall 2014 Photos

September 25th: Aquarium and North Camden Little League
October 2nd: Roosevelt Plaza Park
October 4th: East Camden’s Church Street
October 10th: TD Tree Day at Stockton and Dudley Grange
October 11th: Community Service Day in Liney Ditch Park
October 17th: TD Tree Day at Reverend Evers Park
October 25th: Camden Waterfront (Delaware/Market)
November 8th: East Camden’s N. 25th Street
November 12th: Fruit Tree Farmers Workshop #2

Archive: Spring 2014 Photos

April 1st: Acelero Learning Center
April 8th: Harry C. Sharp School
April 19th: Joseph’s House
April 25th: Ferry Ave and Webster Streets
May 15th: Capital Academy 
May 31st: St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
June: Fruit Tree Farmer Workshop #1

Archive: Fall 2013 Photos

September 21st: Bridge of Peace Church
October 12th: Habitat for Humanity

October 15th: Liney Ditch Park
October 19th: 600 block of Berkley Street
November 2nd: 300 block of York Street

November 9th: 1100 block of Sycamore Street

November 16th: N. 5th and State Streets

Archive: Spring 2013 Photos

April 6th: Residents of the 1000-1100 blocks of N. 35th Street
April 13th: North Camden Celebrates Plant One Million
April 19th: the Neighborhood Center
April 22nd: City Hall (Aletha Wright Memorial Tree)
April 27th: Parkside Business and Community in Partnership
May 2nd: Lakeshore Drive Community Garden (fruit trees)
May 11th: Residents of Lincoln Ave and N. 27th Street
May 18th: Residents of Highland Ave and S. 32nd Street

Archive: Fall 2012 Photos

September 11th: 9/11 Memorial Planting at Cooper River Park
September 15th: Fine Fare Supermarket and N. 21st Street
September 22nd: 400 Block of Raritan Ave
September 29th: 1200-1300 Blocks of Morton Street
October 6th: 1100 Block of S. 3rd Street (Lori’s B.Day Planting)
October 19th: Charles Brimm Medical Arts High School
October 20th: 600-700 Blocks of Woodland Avenue
October 27th: Camden Fire House (Make A Difference Day)
November 17th: Wiggins Elementary School

Archive: Spring 2012 Photos

April 7th: Rutgers-Camden Civic Scholars
April 14th: Residents of the 500 block of S. 4th Street
April 21st: Residents of the 1200 Block of Morton Street
April 28th: Cooper Sprouts Phase Two: Peoples’ Garden Fruit Tree Planting
May 2nd: Erie Street Lot Stabilization in North Camden
May 12th: Heart of Camden & the 1900-2000 Blocks of Fillmore St.
May 26th: Cooper Grant Neighborhood Association

Archive: Fall 2011 Photos

October 1st Planting: 1100 block of Lansdowne Avenue
October 8th Planting: HopeWorks and La Esperanza Garden
October 14th Planting: Tree in Every Yard
October 20th Planting: Camden SMART Rain Garden in Parkside
October 22nd Planting: Cooper Sprouts Garden
October 28th Planting: River Road
November 5th: North Camden Little League
November 12th: Heart of Camden



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