Frquently Asked Questions

Camden and Newark Free Tree Programs
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum number of trees required for a community project?
There is a 10 tree minimum and no pre-determined maximum, but trees are “first come, first served” and available based on our current resources.

Can someone adopt more than one tree?
Yes, we can plant more than one tree if there is space. Example: corner properties in the city can often adopt 4-5 trees around the perimeter of their property.

Do you plant trees in backyards?
No, we typically plant trees along sidewalks, in the front of properties or in community gardens.

Can a renter sign?
A renter needs permission from the homeowner to receive a tree in front of the property. A renter can only sign with permission from the homeowner.

What do the trees cost?
They are valued at $500 each and offered free of charge. Tree recipients sign to adopt and maintain trees for a minimum of 2 years.

Do we need 10 signatures or 10 trees?
10 trees

How do volunteers sign up for these projects?
Please see the Volunteer tab on our website for Camden and Newark tree planting schedules and sign up for the events that interest you most. To sign up, email the primary contact listed on the website.

What kind of trees do you plant?
We are dedicated to the “right tree for the right place, planted in the right way” and have planted over 100 varieties of trees that have thrived well in urban communities.

For more information about our programs:
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