The NJ Envirothon

This year’s NJ Envirothon – A Natural Resources Problem Solving Competition for High School Students – will be held at:

Camp Sacajawea in Farmingdale 242 Adelphia Road Farmingdale, Monmouth County, New Jersey on Saturday May 5, 2012. The environmental issue is “Nonpoint Source Pollution/Low Impact Development”

The New Jersey Envirothon competition is a one-day event that takes place near the end of the school year. Teams are tested on environmental topics through hands-on interactive problem-solving at five testing stations. Test questions may cover any information in the study guide and suggested resource materials or web links. The contest consists of hands-on questions along with some true/false, multiple choice and fill-in-the-blanks. Students have 30 minutes at each station. Team presentations last 10 minutes. The team that best demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of natural resources, as well as teamwork and communication skills, moves on to represent New Jersey in the Canon Envirothon competition which is North America’s Largest High School Environmental Education Competition. This multi-day event further tests the team’s understanding of the environment and involves teams from all regions of the United Statesand Canada.

If you are interested in volunteering time to staff the Forestry testing station, please contact Bill Brash at:


Camden Greenways Stewardship Training

Join us for the first Camden Greenway’s Trail Network Stewardship Workshop!

Featuring these local experts:
– Mike Hogan, South Jersey Land and Water Trust
– Fred Stine, Delaware RiverKeeper
– Jessica Franzini, NJ Tree Foundation

Learn how to care for your local trails and parks!

Date: Saturday, February 4th
Time: 9:30am to 12:30pm
Where: Cathedral Hall at the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception
642 Market Street, Camden
* Parking provided.
RSVP: To Maria Tranguch of the NJ Conservation Foundation at or (856) 342-6523.

This event is open to the public and free of charge. Refreshments will be provided.


Shade Jake’s Place – A Boundless Playground in Cherry Hill, NJ

Today we planted 16 trees to Shade Jake’s Place – a boundless playground where children of any ability can play. Play areas at Jake’s Place are accessible to all. The ramps are strong enough and wide enough to accommodate disabled adults so that they too can play with their kids. It was an excellent day where NJTF staff worked side by side with volunteers planting and mulching trees, shrubs and perennials. To learn more about this amazing playground visit Jake’s Place website.

NJ Tree Foundation planting trees at Jake's Place.

Jake’s Place will need 16 more trees in the spring to complete the planting beds. If you are interested in helping us Shade Jake’s Place, please consider donating to the cause.



Meet our AmeriCorps Intern!

AmeriCorps intern Lauren Damiano

My name is Lauren Damiano. I am 20 years old and a junior at Stockton College. I grew up in Galloway Township, right outside of Atlantic City. I have always enjoyed being outdoors; whether I’m hiking, kayaking, swimming, or just exploring, I appreciate the shade of big trees. I find myself very interested in sustainability, environmental policy, and community planning. I am especially interested in urban communities, and I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I step back and look at a previously dilapidated vacant lot and see it transformed into a beautiful place for the community to gather.

Working with the Tree Foundation has already taught me so much, and not just about trees. Jess has taught me how to get things done right, whether it’s teaching a community member how to care for a tree, advising a contractor or organization on how to incorporate trees into a new neighborhood plan, or organizing a vast database of Camden TreeKeeper contacts. I can already tell that this internship has changed me for the better.  I hope that what I extract from this internship will empower me to bring these changes home with me to Atlantic City.

Help Save AmeriCorps!

Throughout the years, AmeriCorps volunteers have dedicated their time, talent, and muscle to the NJ Tree Foundation. From planting trees to marking sidewalks to surveying trees with iTree software, AmeriCorps has been a major artery in the heart of our community-based work. In Camden, this is especially true for AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC).  And for those of you who remember our dear past-employee, Elise Schadler — she came to NJTF as an alumn to AmeriCorps NCCC. Shannon Buckley-Schaff, Project Coordinator for NJTF in Newark, used to be an AmeriCorps Watershed Ambassador.

URGE THEM TO VOTE NO on a continuing resolution that eliminates funding for the corporation for national and community service, including AmeriCorps!

Talking points:

* I am calling to urge you to vote NO on any proposal to eliminate funding for AmeriCorps or the Corporation for National and Community Service.

* Eliminating funding will decimate vital services in our communities when millions of Americans need food, shelter, healthcare, job training and educational support.

* Communities are counting on AmeriCorps members, national service participants and community volunteers to meet the increased demand for services.

* Eliminating funding will only push unemployment rates up.  Unemployment numbers — particularly for young people, veterans and military spouses, older Americans and people of color-remain alarmingly high.

* For Americans who are struggling to find work, national service programs offer participants the opportunity to earn a subsistence-level stipend, develop skills, and create pathways to future employment.  Eliminating programs like AmeriCorps will result in jobs lost for the corps members and the staff who supervise them.  Example: If Congress eliminates AmeriCorps, our 140 AmeriCorps members and the staff that supervise them will be out of work.

* The federal investment made in faith based and community organizations through the Corporation for National and Community Service leverages $799 million in matching funds from companies, foundations and other sources.   If you defund the national service programs, whole organizations will shut down and most will not be able to reopen again even if funding is restored.


Bloomberg Volunteers Beautify 9/11 Living Memorial

For the past 5 years, volunteers from Bloomberg have given their time, talents and muscle to beautify our 9/11 Living Memorial – the Grove of Remembrance. These dedicated folks have planted hundreds of shrubs and perennials, moved mountains of mulch and, this year, helped to re-gravel the memorial path. We have this event on the anniversary of 9/11, when possible. It is the NJ Tree Foundation’s and Bloomberg’s way of remembering those we lost by giving back to the community.

Bloomberg volunteers moving 150 yards of mulch
Bloomberg volunteers dividing perennials
Bloomberg volunteers redoing the Memorial path with fresh stone dust
Bloomberg volunteers rock!

Volunteer to Plant Trees in NJ

Are you ready? It’s almost time to start planting trees in NJ! At the NJ Tree Foundation, August is the time to get it all together. Tree applications processed and approved, trees ordered, blocks marked-out, and volunteer tree planting events scheduled.

If you have never volunteered to plant a tree, I invite you to join one of our community-based tree planting events in Newark or Camden, NJ. Not to pat ourselves on the back (OK, we are patting!), but we do tree plantings right! Camden and Newark residents are completely responsible for organizing and planting their own trees. Outside volunteers are welcome for two reasons: 1. Our trees weigh 600-800 pounds; and 2. We would like you to see what the REAL Camden and Newark are all about.

So, dig out those old work boots and paint splattered jeans, and join us! We provide all tools, gloves and water. Residents provide snacks after the planting!

Click here for a schedule of Camden NJ tree planting events.