20 Years of Feeding the Hungry

It’s that time of year. Holiday plans, shopping, food and time with family. But what if you are one of the 10% of Americans unemployed? Or underemployed. Where do you turn for a holiday dinner?

Check-Out Hunger is an annual fund raiser for the Community FoodBank of New Jersey and is marking its 20th year this fall. This campaign, which began in New Jersey, is now run online and at supermarket chains across the northeast. The Community FoodBank of New Jersey reports that need for nutritious food is up 30-40 percent at its partner agencies (soup kitchens, pantries, shelters, etc) this year.

In 2009 Check-Out Hunger crossed the $2 million plateau for the first time. The campaign raised $2,093, 086 for food banks across the state. Since 1992, millions of people have supported the program at food markets and online at www.checkouthungernj.org. Participating food markets include A&P, Food Basics, Foodtown, Kings, Pathmark, Shop Rite, Super Fresh, Wawa, and Wegmans.

In your own neighborhood: Look for a display of Check-Out Hunger donation slips at the checkout aisles in your local food stores. Let the cashier know you want to add a donation to your grocery bill, and they take care of the rest! Grocery stores run the campaign at varying times from late September through the end of January, with the bulk of them running it in November and December. You can find a list of participating stores at www.checkouthungernj.org.

In your own home: You can donate through the Check-Out Hunger in New Jersey website at www.checkouthungernj.org.
Last year, the Community FoodBank of NJ distributed 35 million pounds of food to people in nee! Its staff and volunteers fight hunger and poverty not only through the distribution of food and grocery products, but by education and training, and by creating new programs to meet the needs of low-income people.

The Check-Out Hunger campaign is an easy way to make a difference. Please give as much as you can to the Community FoodBank of New Jersey!

Mulch Volcanoes Kill Trees!

The insistence of the landscape industry to over mulch trees boggles my mind. Mulch volcanoes run rampant in wealthy, NJ towns.  Mounding mulch against the trunk of a tree, no matter how old or young the tree may be, will KILL the tree. Mulch in a doughnut shape around the tree, 3″ thick, keeping the mulch away from the base of the tree.

Want to learn more? Purchase a Volcanoes Killing Trees in NJ pamphlet from the NJ Shade Tree Federation.

Make copies and give it to your neighbors!