Featured Story: Trees Transform Camden

This weeping willow was planted in April 2012 at a community garden in Camden known as Cooper Sprouts.  Seeing it six months later, thriving and complimented with the most beautiful bursts of color, is just such a testament to the power trees can bring to urban communities. Would you have guessed this used to be a liquor warehouse? Or that it sat vacant for decades collecting debris? It’s now home to over 30 raised beds, a medicine garden, fruit trees, and gathering space for Camden families.

This tree was planted through the Urban Airshed Reforestation Program in Camden. It is cared for by Sheila Roberts and her grandchildren, who live in the city.

Tree Pit of the Month

January's Tree Pit of the Month
January’s “Tree Pit of the Month” goes to the McWhorter Street residents in Newark. This past fall, six new flowering Tree Lilacs were adopted and planted by the residents. The community has gone above and beyond essential tree care with protective fences. Every resident has named their new tree and are keeping a watchful and caring eye over them as if they were their own children. Madalena Ribeiro, a resident on McWhorter St. told us “Trees are life! A tree can make your life or day better, just noticing them. Watching the transformation of our new trees, makes me feel good.”
Thank you McWhorter Street for being great tree-keepers!