NJ Tree Recovery Campaign – NJ Community Forestry Program

NEW JERSEY TREE RECOVERY CAMPAIGN – Coordinated by the NJ Community Forestry Program

Free tree saplings for municipal officials! Superstorm Sandy left  our communities with many dead and damaged trees. Through the NJ Tree Recovery Campaign, you can help your community residents replant those missing trees. Sign your town up for the NJ Tree Recovery Campaign and you will receive up to 2,000 seedlings to distribute to residents for free.

The NJ State Community Forestry Program has free tree saplings for municipalities! Click here for all the information and the application.



Trees for Trails: The Circuit, Camden

Have you heard of The Circuit, an extraordinary trail network connecting Pennsylvania and New Jersey? When complete, it will provide pedestrian and bicycle access from the Appalachian Trail to the Atlantic Ocean! If you live in Camden, chances are that parts of The Circuit touch your community. From North Camden’s Erie Street to Cramer Hill’s Harrison Avenue to the soon-to-be-opened Gateway Park along Admiral Wilson Boulevard, there are pieces of The Circuit throughout Camden, and this network of trails is known locally as the Camden Greenway.

The NJ Tree Foundation is proud to kick off our Trees for Trails project with the support of the William Penn Foundation! This exciting project will plant 75 trees and 300 perennials in Camden along the on-street interim trail network connecting green spaces and existing trails. We’ll also host two exciting trail awareness events (more info coming soon!) and release an Opportunity Analysis of Gateway Park, exploring ways to best manage and enhance the park’s forest.

Want to experience The Circuit yourself?
Visit Connect the Circuit‘s website and plan a trip today!


April Brings Trees to NJ Communities

This April, the NJ Tree Foundation (NJTF) worked with dozens of amazing partners across NJ to reforest cities and towns in need of trees! At these exciting community planting events, hundreds of volunteers joined the NJTF to dig holes and plant “the right tree for the right place in the right way.” Check out our list of awesome April tree planting events!

10152406_10152493355493273_1486028197348935566_nCamden, NJ:
Acelero Learning Center
Harry C. Sharp School
Joseph’s House for the Homeless
Ferry Avenue and Webster Streets
Read more about our Camden program.

Newark, NJ:
Pedal Farm and SAS
Fruit Tree Planting
Forest Hill Community Association
Read more about our Newark Program.

10325366_10152488848273273_4809332432604534827_nVineland, NJ:
Landis Park Earth Day Event

Bloomfield, NJ:
NY/NJ SuperBowl Host Committee
Passing of the Shovel to AZ
at Brookdale Park

In addition, our Green Streets Crew was hired to plant trees in Glen Rock, Bergenfield, Liberty State Park, and Red Bank this month. Read more about hiring Green Streets to perform landscape services in your town.

Please consider supporting NJTF’s tree planting efforts across NJ as a volunteer or donor.

Volunteers Needed for Earth Day Tree Planting!

The NJ Tree Foundation, in partnership with the Vineland Environmental Commission and Calpine, will plant 50 shade trees in Landis Park on Earth Day, 4/22/2014. This tree planting will help replace the many trees lost from storms over the past few years.

Here’s the Scoop:

Date: 4/22/2014
Time: 9AM until about Noon
Place: Landis Park, NE Blvd and North 6th Street, Vineland, NJ
Event: Earth Day Tree Planting
RSVP to Lisa at  njtf1@juno.com


Small Growing Trees to Plant Under Wires

Tree planting season is right around the corner! So we have put together a list a of small growing trees that are suitable for planting under utility wires in NJ.

Acer campestre                                   Hedge Maple

Acer buergeranum                            Trident Maple

Acer ginnala                                        Amur Maple

Acer Henryi                                          Henry Maple

Acer leucoderme                                Chalkbark Maple

Acer nikoense                                      Nikko Maple

Acer palmatum                                   Japanese Maple

Acer tataricum                                    Tatarian Maple

Acer truncatum                                  Purpleblow Maple

Acer Griseum                                       Paperbark Maple

Cotinus coggygria                             Smoketree

Cotinus obovatus                               American Smoketree

Lagerstroemia spp.                           Crapemyrtle

Amelanchier Autumn Brilliance  Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

Amelanchier Prince Charles          Prince Charles Serviceberry

Amelanchier Princess Diana          Princess Diana Serviceberry

Carpinus caroliniana                         American Hornbeam

Cercis can. Forest Pansy                  ForestPansy Red Bud

Cercis reniformis Oklahome           Oklahoma Redbud

Chionanthus virginicus                    White fringetree

Cornusfloridaselections                   American Dogwoods

Cornus kousa selections                   Kousa Dogwood

Cornus Rutgers Selections               RutgersDogwod

Crataegus Winter King                       Winter King Hawthorn

Franklinia alatamaha                         Franklin tree

Halesia tetraptera                                Carolina Silverbell

Koelreuteria paniculata                    Goldenraintree (30-40′)

Maackia amurensis                            Amur Maackia

Malus selections for tree form use  Crabapples

Parrotia persica                                    Persian Parrotia

Prunus cerasifera                                Cherry Plum

Prunus Autumnalis                             Autumn Flowering Cherry

Prunus Kwanzan                                  Kwanzan Cherry

Prunus Okame                                      Okame Cherry

Prunus Sargenti                                   Sargent Cherry (25 – 40’)

Prunus sarg. Columnaris                 Columnar Sargent Cherry

Prunus virgiana                                   Canada Red’ Chokecherry

Prunus yedoensis                               Yoshino Cherry (35 – 45’ tall)

Stryax japonica                                   Japanese Snowbell

Syringa reticulate                                Japanese Tree Lilac

You can down load the list here  Utility Friendly Trees







Happy planting!


Help Us Reforest New Jersey After Hurricane Sandy!

Give the gift that will last over 100 years! Plant a tree with the New Jersey Tree Foundation.
In 2012, the NJ Tree Foundation planted 1,457 large shade trees in Camden, Newark and other NJ cities. Our volunteers planted 12,650 tree saplings across the state to celebrate Arbor Day 2012! You can be a part of greening New Jersey by making an end-of-year donation to support our work. 
In 2013, requests for trees will be greater than ever before. After Hurricane Sandy, 113,000 trees were removed by our utility companies. It is estimated that 4 times that number of trees were damaged and/or removed from personal property and NJ parks and forests. 
Year-end donations are tax-deductible and can truly transform our Garden State. 
Thank you!
Give by December 31 and your donation will be deductible on your 2012 tax return.

Featured Story: Trees Transform Camden

This weeping willow was planted in April 2012 at a community garden in Camden known as Cooper Sprouts.  Seeing it six months later, thriving and complimented with the most beautiful bursts of color, is just such a testament to the power trees can bring to urban communities. Would you have guessed this used to be a liquor warehouse? Or that it sat vacant for decades collecting debris? It’s now home to over 30 raised beds, a medicine garden, fruit trees, and gathering space for Camden families.

This tree was planted through the Urban Airshed Reforestation Program in Camden. It is cared for by Sheila Roberts and her grandchildren, who live in the city.