We are celebrating 15 years by giving away 15,000 trees on Arbor Day 2013

This program is closed.

Our Celebrate Arbor Day Program is 15 years old! Since 1999, the NJ Tree Foundation has partnered with hundreds of volunteer groups to plant over 160,000 trees on public lands across the state! We want to make this year the biggest tree planting event ever! We have 15,000 baby trees (1 – 2′ tall) waiting to be planted by volunteers.

The following trees are available this spring: White pine, Bald Cypress, Redbud, Northern red oak, Green ash, Buttonbush

Guidelines: The New Jersey Tree Foundation is offering free two-year-old trees (1’ – 2’ tall) to celebrate Arbor Day 2013 in New Jersey. A variety of evergreen and deciduous trees will be available. Schools, local governments, tree groups, non-profit organizations, scout groups, and any volunteer organization may apply for the free trees. All planting must occur on public lands, be done by volunteers and maintained for two years.

The goals of this project are to:

  1. Use volunteers to plant trees on public lands to Celebrate Arbor Day 2013!; and
  2. Develop partnerships with diverse groups for information and resource sharing, and future projects.

There are many ways the trees can be used to beautify your neighborhood. Trees can be planted in a vacant lot to create an urban forest, planted as a windbreak for a community garden or at a school, planted in a nursery, or trees can be planted randomly throughout a park or cemetery.

It is important to note the following conditions mandated by the New Jersey Tree Foundation:

NEW: Each species comes in a pack of 25 trees. You must order in increments of 25 trees.

  • Trees may be planted only on public land (parks, school grounds, cemeteries, public golf courses, etc.)
  • Trees will be available in late April 2013, and must be planted on/near Arbor Day (April 26, 2013);
  • All groups must maintain trees for a minimum of two years after the trees are received: Providing water, mulch, weeding and pruning;
  • Groups may NOT sell or give away trees;
  • All projects must be done by volunteers;
  • All groups must complete and send an annual report form to the New Jersey Tree Foundation by the required date;

In addition to the above requirements, the New Jersey Tree Foundation requires that each NEW group send at least one member to a Tree Planting Event Training Session held in March 2013. This is a mandatory requirement. Training Schedule



Green Streets Crew for Hire

The Tree Foundation’s Green Streets (GS) Crew is keeping busy this fall, with tree plantings and landscaping projects all over the Garden State! Want to see some of our recent work? Check out Jessie Allen Park in Newark, pictured below, where the GS Crew planted 22 trees with the Trust for Public Land.

GS would love the opportunity to work with you! No job is too small. Services for hire include:
– tree planting and maintenance
– young tree pruning, mulching, and stake removal
– street tree watering
– rain garden installation
– landscaping and landscape maintenance
– garden design, planting and maintenance
– hands-on educational workshops for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

For more information, check out this page.

Newark’s 1st Community Plant Swap

Join us at Washington Park on Saturday, September 8th for Newark’s 1st community Plant Swap event. The NJ Tree Foundation has partnered with the Washington Commons Conservancy, Trust for Public Land and Greater Newark Conservancy to organize an event for gardeners and folks looking to grow a green thumb. Bring a plant from your yard to trade in for something new!

There will be educational workshops on transplanting, seed harvesting, native plants and beekeeping – all free! This event is open to all residents and friends from the surrounding communities. The event begins at 1pm and will end with a plant swap at 3pm. There will even be a table with some freebie plants for all of the new gardeners! Come and enjoy a Saturday with us in one of Newark’s beautiful and historic downtown parks and get to know your gardening community!

Together, we can grow a greener Newark!

New Re-entry Training Program

This summer, we are starting a Landscaping & Maintenance training program for men under parole supervision. Three men will provide community service to our 9/11 Memorial – The Grove of Remembrance (Liberty State Park, Jersey City) and our Urban Nursery, in exchange for earning a certificate and job placement assistance. Trainees will learn:

Tree, shrub, perennial and weed identification.
Proper tree & shrub pruning.
Proper mulching.
Transplanting shrubs & perennials.
General landscape & nursery maintenance.

We are very excited about this new program!

Our Grove of Remembrance always needs maintenance!

State of NJ’s 62nd Arbor Day Celebration

The NJ Tree Foundation and the NJ Community Forestry Program will celebrate Arbor Day 2012 in Haddon Township, NJ. We are planting 150 large shade trees to beautify the streets of Haddon Township! Please join us!

Date: Friday, April 27, 2012

Time: 8:00 am until all the trees are planted

Place: Meet at West Crystal Lake Avenue and West Park Avenue, Haddon Township, NJ

This event is rain or shine! To register to volunteer, please contact Todd Wycoff at  todd.wyckoff@dep.state.nj.us


Last Days of Fall Tree Plantings

The NJ Tree Foundation’s Green Streets tree planting crew is wrapping up the fall 2011 season by planting 20 trees in Dumont, NJ! This fall, the Crew planted over 350 large shade trees in seven NJ towns. All of the trees were paid for via contract work. Thank you folks for hiring the NJ tree Foundation to plant trees!

Our Green Streets Crew planting in Dumont Pix http://on.fb.me/u6U8gM

Shade Jake’s Place – A Boundless Playground in Cherry Hill, NJ

Today we planted 16 trees to Shade Jake’s Place – a boundless playground where children of any ability can play. Play areas at Jake’s Place are accessible to all. The ramps are strong enough and wide enough to accommodate disabled adults so that they too can play with their kids. It was an excellent day where NJTF staff worked side by side with volunteers planting and mulching trees, shrubs and perennials. To learn more about this amazing playground visit Jake’s Place website.

NJ Tree Foundation planting trees at Jake's Place.

Jake’s Place will need 16 more trees in the spring to complete the planting beds. If you are interested in helping us Shade Jake’s Place, please consider donating to the cause.



Bare Root Tree Planting

Planting bare-root trees has become all the rage. Why? Because they are easy to handle, lightweight and inexpensive. To see what the fuss was all about, the NJ Tree Foundation purchased 30 bare-root Red oaks from the NJ Forest Nursery. The 5 – 7′ trees easily fit in our truck. We planted the trees in Liberty State Park, Jersey City. Why? Liberty is my litmus test for tree and plant survival. If a tree can survive the horrible “soil”, harsh river wind and lack of drainage, then it will thrive just about anywhere in NJ.

This demonstration project was interesting. I thought with bare-root trees, the hole would be smaller, but it really isn’t. The tree pit must be wide enough and deep enough to encompass ALL the roots of the tree without circling or crushing them in the hole.  The depth of the hole was certainly less than needed with a B&B tree, but the width was more. One really nice thing: all of the soil is used when planting a bare-root tree. When planting B&B trees, there is always a lot of soil that must be carted away.

Our 4-man crew planted 10-12 bare-root trees in an hour. (We could do double that amount in easily-dug soil.) Clean up was a snap: no wire baskets, trunk guards, string or extra soil to clean up. Mulch, water and enjoy!

We will monitor these trees for the next year or so. Not sure if they will need to be staked. I’ll let you know after the first good Nor’ Easter.