April Brings Trees to NJ Communities

This April, the NJ Tree Foundation (NJTF) worked with dozens of amazing partners across NJ to reforest cities and towns in need of trees! At these exciting community planting events, hundreds of volunteers joined the NJTF to dig holes and plant “the right tree for the right place in the right way.” Check out our list of awesome April tree planting events!

10152406_10152493355493273_1486028197348935566_nCamden, NJ:
Acelero Learning Center
Harry C. Sharp School
Joseph’s House for the Homeless
Ferry Avenue and Webster Streets
Read more about our Camden program.

Newark, NJ:
Pedal Farm and SAS
Fruit Tree Planting
Forest Hill Community Association
Read more about our Newark Program.

10325366_10152488848273273_4809332432604534827_nVineland, NJ:
Landis Park Earth Day Event

Bloomfield, NJ:
NY/NJ SuperBowl Host Committee
Passing of the Shovel to AZ
at Brookdale Park

In addition, our Green Streets Crew was hired to plant trees in Glen Rock, Bergenfield, Liberty State Park, and Red Bank this month. Read more about hiring Green Streets to perform landscape services in your town.

Please consider supporting NJTF’s tree planting efforts across NJ as a volunteer or donor.

Trees Restore Beauty

2013 was a busy year for us at the NJ Tree Foundation. In addition to planting trees in Camden and Newark we started a special project to reforest New Jersey communities that were devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Through this project, more than 2,000 trees were planted.

bay head treesHurricane Sandy sent six feet of salt water into Bay Head Elementary School and destroyed 30 trees on the school grounds. In October, we planted 37 new trees and 40 shrubs, grasses, and perennials to reforest the school’s landscape. Nearly all 140 students assisted in the planting! As one elementary schooler ran happily through the maze of newly planted trees, she exclaimed, “There are so many trees – and I want to hug them all!”

Bay Head Elementary School’s exterior beauty was restored by new trees. You can play a role in transforming communities in need through tree planting. It is not too late to make an end-of-year, tax deductible donation to the NJ Tree Foundation.

On behalf of all our 2014 tree recipients who will soon have beautiful trees, we thank you sincerely for your support.

bay head sign

Trees Inspire Hope

Juanita Butler is an 87-year-old lifetime Camden resident who organized a tree planting on her block in 2011. She and her neighbors gathered with volunteers and the Mayor of Camden, Dana L. Redd, to plant 22 trees on her street. Today, the trees are doing wonderfully. Juanita describes how her tree planting transformed her street and catalyzed significant changes in her community.

“These trees bring so much life to our block! Even in the fall, they light up with the most beautiful yellow and red leaves. The planting of our trees brought my neighbors together.” She goes on to explain, “On the planting day we voiced our concerns about an abandoned and dilapidated building on our street. Mayor Redd shook my hand and promised to help.”

This year, the vacant building on Juanita’s street was demolished. Smiling ear to ear, Juanita told the NJ Tree Foundation, “We’re really getting things done!” But Juanita and her neighbors are just getting started. Next, she plans to create a community garden where the old building once stood and plant more trees on the surrounding streets.

Juanita story board

In 2014, the NJ Tree Foundation wants to help Juanita continue greening her neighborhood. We want to keep planting trees across the state of New Jersey so that more people can experience the unity, hope, and beauty that come from planting trees in cities like Camden and Newark. We want to foster positive community change, and we need your help to make it a reality.


Please consider making an end-of-year, tax deductible donation to support the NJ Tree Foundation’s community forestry efforts. Your donation will inspire more stories like Juanita’s.

On behalf of all our tree recipients, we thank you sincerely for your support.


TD Tree Days in New Jersey

Check out our fall TD Tree Days, made possible with support from TD Bank!

10/15: Camden
117 trees with 100 TD Bank volunteers

10/19: Point Pleasant
80 trees planted with 60 TD Bank volunteers


P1010723The NJ Tree Foundation is a member of Alliance for Community Trees.

These trees were planted during National NeighborWoods Month.


Adventure Aquarium Sponsors Camden Event

AAQ Logo_horiz_pms2935

The NJ Tree Foundation is pleased to announce that our Camden Urban Airshed Reforestation Program tree planting taking place on 
Saturday, November 2nd from 9am-12pm
 is being sponsored by Adventure Aquarium! Open 365 days a year from 10 am to 5 pm, Adventure Aquarium has been part of the Camden community since 2005, providing new opportunities for families to explore, discover and play.

Join us as we dig holes, plant trees, and lay mulch along the 300 block of York Street on November 2nd! Tree planting is a fun activity for the entire family. Children can also enjoy crafts and activities, courtesy of Adventure Aquarium!

To sign up for this event, please contact Jessica at (856) 287-4488 or jfranzini.njtf@gmail.com.

Touchdowns and Trees!

We’re part of the world’s biggest huddle, are you? You can be! We are partnering with the NY/NJ Super Bowl Host Committee to plant 2,014 trees. As part of this effort, 1,800 4-5′ trees will be given away in New Jersey counties that were most negatively impacted by Hurricane Sandy – Atlantic, Bergen, Cape May, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, and Union. We will also be planting 214 large trees, 12-15′ tall, throughout New Jersey.

So how can you get in our huddle? There are several ways to get involved:
1) We are still looking for partners to help give away trees in Cape May, Hudson, Middlesex, Ocean, and Union Counties. Fill out this survey if you would like to host a tree giveaway.
2) Adopt a tree in your county! 200 trees will be given through a first come, first serve application in the nine counties listed above. Monmouth County residents! Get your tree here.
3) We will need tree planting volunteers to plant 214 large trees! Our planting schedule will be posted on our website and advertised on our Twitter and Facebook Page in the coming weeks.
4) Support us with a donation ! Just $35 will allow us to give away a tree to reforest after Hurricane Sandy.

Stay tuned for progress on this great project! We are thrilled to have your help in this exciting partnership with the Super Bowl Host Committee.



We are excited to announce a partnership with Recoup, a website offering great products and services-  from restaurants and travel to fashion and home goods. Purchase from Recoup and 10% of every purchase will benefit the NJ Tree Foundation. In addition, you can increase your support by donating part or all of your discount as a tax deductible contribution.

There are two simple ways to help the NJ Tree Foundation raise funds through Recoup and it takes less than 10 seconds to sign up (It’s free!)

Shop, Save, Support: The NJ Tree Foundation has a dedicated shopping page on Recoup where every promotion benefits trees: http://www.recoup.com/shop/org/NJTF

For some great deals on travel, check out the travel channel here: http://www.recoup.com/shop/cnn/Travel/NJTF

I recently purchased a beautiful outdoor furniture set from Recoup. They had the best price, shipping was included, and $57.00 went to the nonprofit of my choice! ~ Lisa Simms, Director, NJ Tree Foundation


Hurricane Sandy Restoration Project

New Jersey lost half a million trees as a result of Superstorm Sandy.  Utility workers removed over 100,000 fallen trees to restore power to our residents and an estimated 400,000 more trees came down in our parks, forests, and on private property. As New Jersey rebuilds, the New Jersey Tree Foundation is planting trees to restore our community and urban forests. You can support us in this effort to plant trees, dune grass, shrubs, and other greenery in coastal towns.

Trees are a critical part of New Jersey’s recovery from Hurricane Sandy. Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. On average, a 5-foot tall tree intercepts 25 gallons of rainwater annually. Ten thousand trees will intercept 250,000 gallons of rainwater immediately, and 800,000 gallons within just five years.
  2. Trees cool our cities while combatting the greenhouse effect as their leaves provide shade on concrete streets and sidewalks.
  3. Trees naturally clean our air and waterways, provide oxygen, and conserve energy.
  4. Trees help prevent water pollution and soil erosion.
  5. Trees protect our children from ultra-violet rays.
  6. Trees help us heal when we are sick by reducing symptoms of common illnesses such as asthma.
  7. Trees create economic benefits by adding value to our homes.
  8. Trees reduce violence in our cities as evidenced by a 2001 study of vegetation and crime by Frances Kuo and William Sullivan.
  9. Trees provide habitat for wildlife.
  10. Trees add unity to our neighborhoods and bring diverse groups of people together, which the New Jersey Tree Foundation witnesses first hand through our community tree plantings.

Trees can help us all heal from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.  It is our goal to plant at least 10,000 trees in coastal towns affected by Hurricane Sandy. We hope that you will partner with us to restore New Jersey’s natural beauty!