Small Growing Trees to Plant Under Wires

Tree planting season is right around the corner! So we have put together a list a of small growing trees that are suitable for planting under utility wires in NJ.

Acer campestre                                   Hedge Maple

Acer buergeranum                            Trident Maple

Acer ginnala                                        Amur Maple

Acer Henryi                                          Henry Maple

Acer leucoderme                                Chalkbark Maple

Acer nikoense                                      Nikko Maple

Acer palmatum                                   Japanese Maple

Acer tataricum                                    Tatarian Maple

Acer truncatum                                  Purpleblow Maple

Acer Griseum                                       Paperbark Maple

Cotinus coggygria                             Smoketree

Cotinus obovatus                               American Smoketree

Lagerstroemia spp.                           Crapemyrtle

Amelanchier Autumn Brilliance  Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

Amelanchier Prince Charles          Prince Charles Serviceberry

Amelanchier Princess Diana          Princess Diana Serviceberry

Carpinus caroliniana                         American Hornbeam

Cercis can. Forest Pansy                  ForestPansy Red Bud

Cercis reniformis Oklahome           Oklahoma Redbud

Chionanthus virginicus                    White fringetree

Cornusfloridaselections                   American Dogwoods

Cornus kousa selections                   Kousa Dogwood

Cornus Rutgers Selections               RutgersDogwod

Crataegus Winter King                       Winter King Hawthorn

Franklinia alatamaha                         Franklin tree

Halesia tetraptera                                Carolina Silverbell

Koelreuteria paniculata                    Goldenraintree (30-40′)

Maackia amurensis                            Amur Maackia

Malus selections for tree form use  Crabapples

Parrotia persica                                    Persian Parrotia

Prunus cerasifera                                Cherry Plum

Prunus Autumnalis                             Autumn Flowering Cherry

Prunus Kwanzan                                  Kwanzan Cherry

Prunus Okame                                      Okame Cherry

Prunus Sargenti                                   Sargent Cherry (25 – 40’)

Prunus sarg. Columnaris                 Columnar Sargent Cherry

Prunus virgiana                                   Canada Red’ Chokecherry

Prunus yedoensis                               Yoshino Cherry (35 – 45’ tall)

Stryax japonica                                   Japanese Snowbell

Syringa reticulate                                Japanese Tree Lilac

You can down load the list here  Utility Friendly Trees







Happy planting!


Reducing Invasives, Retaining Our Trees Workshop

This exciting Stewardship Workshop will be held at Duke Farms on February 20, 2013 from 12:30 – 4:00 pm.

The workshop covers best management practices of public trees and forests for control of invasive species (including deer) and for storm risks while preserving our important tree canopy.  The target audience is municipal and public works officials, foresters, arborists, engineers, planners, flood plain managers, landscape architects, environmental and shade tree commissions, and other interested people.   Continuing Education Units will be offered.

Register today! Reducing Invasives, Retaining Our Trees

Contact Sara Malone at


We are celebrating 15 years by giving away 15,000 trees on Arbor Day 2013

This program is closed.

Our Celebrate Arbor Day Program is 15 years old! Since 1999, the NJ Tree Foundation has partnered with hundreds of volunteer groups to plant over 160,000 trees on public lands across the state! We want to make this year the biggest tree planting event ever! We have 15,000 baby trees (1 – 2′ tall) waiting to be planted by volunteers.

The following trees are available this spring: White pine, Bald Cypress, Redbud, Northern red oak, Green ash, Buttonbush

Guidelines: The New Jersey Tree Foundation is offering free two-year-old trees (1’ – 2’ tall) to celebrate Arbor Day 2013 in New Jersey. A variety of evergreen and deciduous trees will be available. Schools, local governments, tree groups, non-profit organizations, scout groups, and any volunteer organization may apply for the free trees. All planting must occur on public lands, be done by volunteers and maintained for two years.

The goals of this project are to:

  1. Use volunteers to plant trees on public lands to Celebrate Arbor Day 2013!; and
  2. Develop partnerships with diverse groups for information and resource sharing, and future projects.

There are many ways the trees can be used to beautify your neighborhood. Trees can be planted in a vacant lot to create an urban forest, planted as a windbreak for a community garden or at a school, planted in a nursery, or trees can be planted randomly throughout a park or cemetery.

It is important to note the following conditions mandated by the New Jersey Tree Foundation:

NEW: Each species comes in a pack of 25 trees. You must order in increments of 25 trees.

  • Trees may be planted only on public land (parks, school grounds, cemeteries, public golf courses, etc.)
  • Trees will be available in late April 2013, and must be planted on/near Arbor Day (April 26, 2013);
  • All groups must maintain trees for a minimum of two years after the trees are received: Providing water, mulch, weeding and pruning;
  • Groups may NOT sell or give away trees;
  • All projects must be done by volunteers;
  • All groups must complete and send an annual report form to the New Jersey Tree Foundation by the required date;

In addition to the above requirements, the New Jersey Tree Foundation requires that each NEW group send at least one member to a Tree Planting Event Training Session held in March 2013. This is a mandatory requirement. Training Schedule



Help Us Reforest New Jersey After Hurricane Sandy!

Give the gift that will last over 100 years! Plant a tree with the New Jersey Tree Foundation.
In 2012, the NJ Tree Foundation planted 1,457 large shade trees in Camden, Newark and other NJ cities. Our volunteers planted 12,650 tree saplings across the state to celebrate Arbor Day 2012! You can be a part of greening New Jersey by making an end-of-year donation to support our work. 
In 2013, requests for trees will be greater than ever before. After Hurricane Sandy, 113,000 trees were removed by our utility companies. It is estimated that 4 times that number of trees were damaged and/or removed from personal property and NJ parks and forests. 
Year-end donations are tax-deductible and can truly transform our Garden State. 
Thank you!
Give by December 31 and your donation will be deductible on your 2012 tax return.

Meet our AmeriCorps Intern!

AmeriCorps intern Lauren Damiano

My name is Lauren Damiano. I am 20 years old and a junior at Stockton College. I grew up in Galloway Township, right outside of Atlantic City. I have always enjoyed being outdoors; whether I’m hiking, kayaking, swimming, or just exploring, I appreciate the shade of big trees. I find myself very interested in sustainability, environmental policy, and community planning. I am especially interested in urban communities, and I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I step back and look at a previously dilapidated vacant lot and see it transformed into a beautiful place for the community to gather.

Working with the Tree Foundation has already taught me so much, and not just about trees. Jess has taught me how to get things done right, whether it’s teaching a community member how to care for a tree, advising a contractor or organization on how to incorporate trees into a new neighborhood plan, or organizing a vast database of Camden TreeKeeper contacts. I can already tell that this internship has changed me for the better.  I hope that what I extract from this internship will empower me to bring these changes home with me to Atlantic City.

20 Years of Feeding the Hungry

It’s that time of year. Holiday plans, shopping, food and time with family. But what if you are one of the 10% of Americans unemployed? Or underemployed. Where do you turn for a holiday dinner?

Check-Out Hunger is an annual fund raiser for the Community FoodBank of New Jersey and is marking its 20th year this fall. This campaign, which began in New Jersey, is now run online and at supermarket chains across the northeast. The Community FoodBank of New Jersey reports that need for nutritious food is up 30-40 percent at its partner agencies (soup kitchens, pantries, shelters, etc) this year.

In 2009 Check-Out Hunger crossed the $2 million plateau for the first time. The campaign raised $2,093, 086 for food banks across the state. Since 1992, millions of people have supported the program at food markets and online at Participating food markets include A&P, Food Basics, Foodtown, Kings, Pathmark, Shop Rite, Super Fresh, Wawa, and Wegmans.

In your own neighborhood: Look for a display of Check-Out Hunger donation slips at the checkout aisles in your local food stores. Let the cashier know you want to add a donation to your grocery bill, and they take care of the rest! Grocery stores run the campaign at varying times from late September through the end of January, with the bulk of them running it in November and December. You can find a list of participating stores at

In your own home: You can donate through the Check-Out Hunger in New Jersey website at
Last year, the Community FoodBank of NJ distributed 35 million pounds of food to people in nee! Its staff and volunteers fight hunger and poverty not only through the distribution of food and grocery products, but by education and training, and by creating new programs to meet the needs of low-income people.

The Check-Out Hunger campaign is an easy way to make a difference. Please give as much as you can to the Community FoodBank of New Jersey!