Help Save AmeriCorps!

Throughout the years, AmeriCorps volunteers have dedicated their time, talent, and muscle to the NJ Tree Foundation. From planting trees to marking sidewalks to surveying trees with iTree software, AmeriCorps has been a major artery in the heart of our community-based work. In Camden, this is especially true for AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC).  And for those of you who remember our dear past-employee, Elise Schadler — she came to NJTF as an alumn to AmeriCorps NCCC. Shannon Buckley-Schaff, Project Coordinator for NJTF in Newark, used to be an AmeriCorps Watershed Ambassador.

URGE THEM TO VOTE NO on a continuing resolution that eliminates funding for the corporation for national and community service, including AmeriCorps!

Talking points:

* I am calling to urge you to vote NO on any proposal to eliminate funding for AmeriCorps or the Corporation for National and Community Service.

* Eliminating funding will decimate vital services in our communities when millions of Americans need food, shelter, healthcare, job training and educational support.

* Communities are counting on AmeriCorps members, national service participants and community volunteers to meet the increased demand for services.

* Eliminating funding will only push unemployment rates up.  Unemployment numbers — particularly for young people, veterans and military spouses, older Americans and people of color-remain alarmingly high.

* For Americans who are struggling to find work, national service programs offer participants the opportunity to earn a subsistence-level stipend, develop skills, and create pathways to future employment.  Eliminating programs like AmeriCorps will result in jobs lost for the corps members and the staff who supervise them.  Example: If Congress eliminates AmeriCorps, our 140 AmeriCorps members and the staff that supervise them will be out of work.

* The federal investment made in faith based and community organizations through the Corporation for National and Community Service leverages $799 million in matching funds from companies, foundations and other sources.   If you defund the national service programs, whole organizations will shut down and most will not be able to reopen again even if funding is restored.


Forest Management Plan Approved in Camden

Tonight Camden City Council approved a 5-year Community Forestry Management Plan (CFMP) to promote a healthy urban forest! Vibrant trees beautify Camden streets, improve air quality, provide shade, and increase property values. With an approved CFMP, Camden will receive liability protection from the state and up to $25,000 in funding every year to support CFMP goals, including:

– public hazardous tree identification

– public tree maintenance and removal

– skills training to city workers

– and tree planting.

Camden just joined over 250 NJ municipalities in adopting a CFMP.

Camden’s plan will soon be submitted to the state of NJ for approval. Thanks so much to NJ Community Forestry for their support of Camden thus far!

For more information, visit:

Give the Gift of Trees!

Not sure what to get your loved ones this holiday? Consider alternative giving with the NJ Tree Foundation, and give the gift of trees in their name!

$ 20 – Plant 10 tree seedlings.

$30 – Tools to plant a tree: shovel & mulch.

$50 – Sponsor a tree: provide pruning and maintenance tools to urban tree stewards.

$300 – Plant 12-16′ tree in NJ.

$500 – Plant a 12-16′ tree in Camden or Newark (includes concrete removal).

Other: You tell us!

Visit our website to learn more:

Questions? Email Jessica at or call 856-287-4488.

Thank you, Camden Volunteers!

The Urban Airshed Reforestation Program (UARP) would like to thank the 375+ volunteers that made a difference planting trees in Camden this season!

AmeriCorps NCCC volunteers planted trees with NJTF throughout October!
"There's something worthwhile in planting a tree in front of your home, with your children, and watching that tree grow." - Carrie Sargaent, Heart of Camden
There's a job for everyone at a tree planting!

The NJ Tree Foundation planted 120 new trees and over 380 shrubs/perennials in Camden through the UARP during fall 2010 with help from:

Alliance of United Culture at Rowan University, AmeriCorps NCCC, AmeriCorps Watershed Ambassadors, Bank of America, Camden ISP, Citizens Bank, the Cramer Hill CDC, Holy Name Church, Impact100 Philadelphia, One Day Matters, RadioONE, the Romero Center, Rutgers-Camden, Rutgers PIRG, Stockton College Water Watch/Energy Corps, Temple University Community Service Association, Unitarian Universalist Church in Cherry Hill, and of course — Camden’s residents and tree recipients!

To join hands with dedicated volunteers, visit:

Planting Safe Play Areas for Children in Camden

The NJ Tree Foundation is branching out in Camden! Recently, a litter-infested vacant lot in Camden, NJ was cleaned and greened by local residents.

Vacant lot Before
Vacant lot After

With funding from Impact100 and the William Penn Foundation, we are planting trees to green streets, and shrubs and perennials to create safe havens for Camden residents.

Last Camden, NJ Volunteer Planting for Spring ’10!

Help plant 35 trees and 50 shrubs along River Road!

Tools, gloves, and refreshments provided. Bring your family and friends! The event will be over by 12pm. Wear sturdy shoes and clothes you can get dirty. Please help make this a successful and memorable community event!

This project is an implementation step of the Cramer Hill Now! Neighborhood Plan, developed by residents and local stakeholders. We are planting trees to shield industry and beautify a major corridor into the Cramer Hill neighborhood (Camden, NJ).

News! Mayor Redd and Assemblyman Fuentes will be plantings with us!!!

Questions? Call Jessica of the NJ Tree Foundation at (856) 287-4488 or email