Memorial Tree Program

“Trees are the Earth’s endless effort to speak to listening Heavens.”

Throughout history, people have planted trees to honor deceased or living family and friends, and to commemorate a special occasion. These living, graceful legacies not only honor the departed, they bring joy to those who live, work and play under their branches.

The New Jersey Tree Foundation’s Memorial Tree Program makes it easy to continue this spirit of remembrance and generosity. The cost of planting a memorial tree is $600.00. This contribution provides for the purchase, transportation, planting and continued care of a shade tree in Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ. An acknowledgement card, reflecting your donation in memory of your loved one, will be sent to the donor or requested third party.

Please download this form to request a memorial tree.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are trees selected?
Trees are selected based on their hardiness and the needs of the site selected for planting.

When are the trees planted?
Planting will take place during the spring or fall planting seasons.

What happens if the tree dies?
If a tree does not survive, the Tree Foundation will replace the tree one time.

What is the size of the memorial trees?
The average size will be 2 1/2″ – 3″ caliper; height will vary by species.

Can I choose to have a plaque placed by my tree?
No, plaques are not allowed in Liberty State Park.

Can I visit my tree?
Yes, the Tree Foundation will provide the donor with information about the area in Liberty State Park where the tree is planted.

Who receives the payment?
Checks should be made out to the New Jersey Tree Foundation with a memo stating Memorial Tree Program.