New Trees, More Shade!

Brother Saleem at the planting event.

The Masjidun-Nur Islamic Learning Center in the Parkside neighborhood of the City of Camden sits just below the PATCO speedline. On one side of Mechanic Street there are trees which bring shade and beauty to the neighborhood while reducing noise and air pollution from the speedline. On the other side, where the Masjidun-Nur Islamic Learning Center is located, there were few trees, and the street was too hot.

Brother Saleem Muwwakkil had a vision for his Islamic Center. He wanted to plant trees to increase shade and use the trees as an outdoor classroom for their children’s program.  This year, Brother Saleem approached the NJ Tree Foundation with an application for trees. His project was one of the first plantings that I took on as the new Program Coordinator for the Urban Airshed Reforestation Program. In the months leading up to the planting, Brother Saleem and I worked together to bring his vision to life. The Center was like a blank canvas! We chose to plant trees of varying heights and types, flowering and non flowering, along the street and inside the Center’s lot.

On October 7th, we had 58 dedicated volunteers from businesses, schools, and fellow nonprofits help plant 23 trees on Mechanic Street. Redbuds, little leaf lindens, and American elms were planted to provide shade and beauty. Brother Saleem is so grateful for his new trees and is eager to see how the trees will look years from now, with “Plenty of shade in the streets.”

Projects such as this are not possible without your support. Please help us continue to plant trees in the City of Camden and other South Jersey cities in need by making a donation to the NJ Tree Foundation today. We thank you for your support if you have already donated this year.


Meredith Brown
Urban Airshed Reforestation Program Coordinator

NJ Tree Foundation

Mechanic Street before the planting.
Mechanic Street after the planting!

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