Trees for Trails: The Circuit, Camden

Have you heard of The Circuit, an extraordinary trail network connecting Pennsylvania and New Jersey? When complete, it will provide pedestrian and bicycle access from the Appalachian Trail to the Atlantic Ocean! If you live in Camden, chances are that parts of The Circuit touch your community. From North Camden’s Erie Street to Cramer Hill’s Harrison Avenue to the soon-to-be-opened Gateway Park along Admiral Wilson Boulevard, there are pieces of The Circuit throughout Camden, and this network of trails is known locally as the Camden Greenway.

The NJ Tree Foundation is proud to kick off our Trees for Trails project with the support of the William Penn Foundation! This exciting project will plant 75 trees and 300 perennials in Camden along the on-street interim trail network connecting green spaces and existing trails. We’ll also host two exciting trail awareness events (more info coming soon!) and release an Opportunity Analysis of Gateway Park, exploring ways to best manage and enhance the park’s forest.

Want to experience The Circuit yourself?
Visit Connect the Circuit‘s website and plan a trip today!