Small Growing Trees to Plant Under Wires

Tree planting season is right around the corner! So we have put together a list a of small growing trees that are suitable for planting under utility wires in NJ.

Acer campestre                                   Hedge Maple

Acer buergeranum                            Trident Maple

Acer ginnala                                        Amur Maple

Acer Henryi                                          Henry Maple

Acer leucoderme                                Chalkbark Maple

Acer nikoense                                      Nikko Maple

Acer palmatum                                   Japanese Maple

Acer tataricum                                    Tatarian Maple

Acer truncatum                                  Purpleblow Maple

Acer Griseum                                       Paperbark Maple

Cotinus coggygria                             Smoketree

Cotinus obovatus                               American Smoketree

Lagerstroemia spp.                           Crapemyrtle

Amelanchier Autumn Brilliance  Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

Amelanchier Prince Charles          Prince Charles Serviceberry

Amelanchier Princess Diana          Princess Diana Serviceberry

Carpinus caroliniana                         American Hornbeam

Cercis can. Forest Pansy                  ForestPansy Red Bud

Cercis reniformis Oklahome           Oklahoma Redbud

Chionanthus virginicus                    White fringetree

Cornusfloridaselections                   American Dogwoods

Cornus kousa selections                   Kousa Dogwood

Cornus Rutgers Selections               RutgersDogwod

Crataegus Winter King                       Winter King Hawthorn

Franklinia alatamaha                         Franklin tree

Halesia tetraptera                                Carolina Silverbell

Koelreuteria paniculata                    Goldenraintree (30-40′)

Maackia amurensis                            Amur Maackia

Malus selections for tree form use  Crabapples

Parrotia persica                                    Persian Parrotia

Prunus cerasifera                                Cherry Plum

Prunus Autumnalis                             Autumn Flowering Cherry

Prunus Kwanzan                                  Kwanzan Cherry

Prunus Okame                                      Okame Cherry

Prunus Sargenti                                   Sargent Cherry (25 – 40’)

Prunus sarg. Columnaris                 Columnar Sargent Cherry

Prunus virgiana                                   Canada Red’ Chokecherry

Prunus yedoensis                               Yoshino Cherry (35 – 45’ tall)

Stryax japonica                                   Japanese Snowbell

Syringa reticulate                                Japanese Tree Lilac

You can down load the list here  Utility Friendly Trees







Happy planting!


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